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about company

Iraq's southern region, Fursan Al Heijaa Company, was where it was established. Fursan Al Heijaa Company has implemented three strategies to meet this challenge in a sustainable manner in light of the hard realities of the continuously rising demand and the progressively more Energy competence, wise energy use, and energy reserves are these keys. Additionally, having the necessary practical skills, past knowledge and experience, and self-performance abilities aid us in creating solutions that are in line with the goals and projects of our clients.


Our mission

To provide our clients with a safer, more encouraging work environment while serving as an example to others around us.

Codes Commitment

We are committed to completing the projects in accordance with all applicable national, regional, and local laws and ethical standards.

Our vision

We consistently work to establish our services as the go-to option for customers in Iraq and the surrounding area and to earn a reputation for our excellence and adaptability in fulfilling their needs.

Fursan Al Heijaa

Social Responsibility

We, at Fursan Al Heijaa Company, are fully committed to social responsibility which is a strategic advantage, as it enables us both to reach and effectually achieve new business opportunities. Our vision of this strategy is revolved upon a body of policies, which lead our relations with stakeholders, workforces, partners, administrations and the societies affected by our processes:

  • To create a secure and safe working environment without causing any harm to people where we reduce our impact on the environment.
  • To conduct our business in a straightforward and ethical method.
  • To provide real and maintainable profits that take part in the social and economic prosperity of citizens in our country.
  • To advocate the improvement of commercial transparency and useful control techniques.




Our Services

Supplying Services

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Transport & Logistics

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Civil Works

FURSAN AL HEIJAA builds infrastructures in collaboration with clients. We have the knowledge, exp...

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MEP Maintenance

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You can rely on us because of the faithfulness and worthiness of our job. One of the major values we focus on is offering a pleasant, professional experience while creating our services.



At Fursan Al Heijaa Company, our guiding ideals and principles direct the techniques we employ in the projects that are assigned to us. The following standards, which are crucial and significant to our ongoing success and development, are adhered to by every individual in our company.



To be in this field is not an easy issue for many reasons, such as; governmental policies, many competitors, environment issues and risks. Since we have the passion, creative thinking and a strong well, we will continue serving and working and make accomplishments.


009647815625609 (Iraq),  00971552068475 (U.A.E.)




Manwae Basha, Basra, Iraq