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Our Services

For the oil and gas business, FURSAN AL HEIJAA specializes in civil work, transportation, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation, as well as construction. We can provide an integrated solution for every project demand thanks to our capabilities. We offer a comprehensive completion and commissioning management package that includes the necessary software, instruction, tactics, and procedures. The transition from one project stage to another is fluid, and solutions are tailored to each client. Working with clients on all facets of a project is what FURSAN AL HEIJAA does. We can offer only one service or you can use all of them, which makes it possible to manage and finish complicated and large scale projects without any problems. We place a lot of focus on planning before a project even begins. Every step of the process is meticulously tracked and assessed to guarantee success. By doing this, we may also provide our clients significant time and financial savings.

Supplying Services

FURSAN ALHEIJAA With the aid of a well-organized system, our staff is able to attend to a large number of customers at once and meet all of their needs, and with the help of our skilled and knowledgeable drivers, we can meet your needs in a way that is comfortable for you. FURSAN ALHEIJAA Company can assure you of our dedication and professionalism.


In electricity generation, a generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy for use in an external circuit. The source of mechanical energy may vary widely from a hand crank to an internal combustion engine. Generators provide nearly all of the power for electric power grids.

Fire Fighting System

 we supply whole fire alarm and suppression system include conventional fire alarm system, addressable fire alarm system, emergency light system, FM200 gas suppression system, fire pump, fire hose reel and cabinet.  


Electrical Materials

We carry a wide range of electrical supplies to help you get your commercial and residential jobs done quickly and efficiently. From the fundamental parts including electrical controls, conduit and cable, and electrical disconnect switches, to the more specialized electrical tools and instruments, we carry the products you need to successfully finish your projects.

We go beyond the typical electrical supplies and offer parts to ensure your projects are finished from front to back. Find electrical enclosures and boxes, wall plates, plugs and connectors, switches, and more, all readily available for purchase to be shipped straight to your project. With top products from leading brands including Diversitech, Leviton, and York, your projects can be completed with the highest quality.

Your Trusted Partner
As the top electrical supply, we strive to help you find the reliable electrical supplies your systems require

Cameras & Security Systems

Offering only the greatest security monitoring systems for homes and businesses is something we take great pride in. With our security camera systems, you receive fully functional, high-quality security options that are both simple to install and use. You may access our camera systems remotely over the Internet, providing you with security wherever you are. The security systems are perfect for applications requiring both indoor and outdoor security. With infrared night vision and Motionactivated recording, you can relax.


Gloves. Gloves help protect you when directly handling potentially infectious materials or contaminated surfaces.
Gowns. ...
Shoe and Head Covers. ...
Masks and Respirators. ...
Other Face and Eye Protection.

Pipe Fittings

Supply pipes are the smaller pipes that carry water from company pipework into the property. Supply pipes run from the boundary of the property (where there may be a company stop-tap) up until the first water fitting or stop-tap inside the property.

Transport & Logistics

The top shipping business that specializes in liquid fuels, cargo, and equipment is called FURSAN ALHEIJAA. Iraqi everywhere We are authorized by the Ministry of Health and Environment to move all liquid and solid waste from oil sites to sanitary dump stations as well as transport hazardous and non-hazardous goods. We have expertise carrying pipes, drilling equipment, and other equipment inside oil fields. all applicable restrictions and laws Despite not fully understanding all contract criteria, FURSAN ALHEIJAA concentrates its operations on doing so. challenging working conditions To ensure the customer's success as well, we regard ourselves as an essential member of the team. We continued to adapt our fleet and operational base to encompass more than tankers and 250 flatbed large tanks and low beds to satisfy the needs of our clients while serving as the primary fuel carrier for SOMO in Iraq. Our management team's experience is what makes us strong. Work in the logistics sector has been intense, with all of our clients coming from Iraq. The vast majority of experience comes from foreign consultants, many of whom have worked in various fields of the oil industry and in local and international logistics firms for a considerable amount of time. trade ports and transportation


Civil Works

FURSAN AL HEIJAA builds infrastructures in collaboration with clients. We have the knowledge, experience, and skills to offer a variety of services, including establishing camps, infrastructure, and well pads, as well as carrying out earthworks and building construction. Information technologies such as CCTV, VOIP, networking, fiber optics, UPS systems, and building management are all part of our service.

Construction work has thus far typically been referred to as civil work. The integrated maintenance of construction facilities is a part of this sort of job, which covers all project development and project paperwork approval steps as well as utility routing to the building. Civil works, also known as turnkey construction, are frequently utilized since they are quicker to complete and offer customers a more comprehensive solution to the majority of installation problems than hunting for separate contractors for different tasks.

MEP Maintenance

Our highly qualified and specialized engineers adhere to tried-and-true protocols and construction management systems to consistently ensure safety, effectiveness, and quality. Additionally, we offer installation, maintenance, repair, and overhaul services for a variety of heavy machinery, wel pads, special engineering, warehouses, workshops, HVAC systems, valves, and vessels.